General Information: Woman’s Cream
is a topical cream that, when applied to
the clitoris or external genitalia, can
increase blood flow to the applied area
and has been reported to improve
sensitivity and rates of orgasm.
Compounded from a mixture of
prescription products, Woman’s Cream is
designed to act locally without
substantial absorption into the blood
stream. This transdermal (absorbed
through the skin) cream is comprised of
different medications including:
L-arginine, sildenafil citrate, and
testosterone. This synergistic
medication draws upon the properties of
each ingredient (bronchodilator,
vasodilator, and the potent sex steroid
hormone testosterone) that can provide
female libido (sex drive) and sexual
stimulation enhancement.

Mechanism of Action: Woman’s
Cream’s vasodilators contribute by
relaxing the vascular smooth muscles,
which consequently dilates peripheral
blood vessels (arteries and especially
veins). Dilatation (widening) of the blood
vessels promotes peripheral pooling of
blood and decreases venous return to
the heart, thereby reducing left
ventricular end-diastolic pressure and
pulmonary capillary wedge pressure
(preload). Such medications are primarily
used to treat or prevent heart disease
due to arterial plaque buildup, blood
clots, platelet clumping, and to increase
blood flow through the coronary artery.
These medications are also used to
ease migraines, improve blood pressure
to organs and tissues, lessen recovery
time after surgery, increase
immune-boosting effects, and speed up tissue repair/wound healing

Pharmacokinetics: Transdermal application results is primarily localized action. As such, the expected pharmacokinetics for each of Woman’s Cream’s compounds mimics those of the individual compounds when administered topically. The differences resulting from simultaneous application have not been studied.